Unified Warrior Foundation

Memorial Progress Updates 

Current status is; Submitted requests for property donation to local large Global Corporation. Very positive outlook

Brick redesigned and manufacturer agreed upon. (brick design shown below.

Park memorial redesigned to better position bricks for placement and viewing.

Engineering firm will create drawing for permitting once state is decided upon for location. (Permitting different for some states)

Working with a few fund raising companies on how best to raise funds as well as some large corporate businesses.

Bricks are manufactured with indention where an over sized dog tag will be inlaid. Engraved with phrase. 

Design allows the bricks to be off the ground and not walked on.

Bricks remain cleaner, less maintenance

Grass wall faces inward as the memorial curves around the shape of the awareness ribbon. 

Lighted pathway 8 ft wide.

Outter upper wall reserved for larger granite portrait slabs.