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Established on September 22, 2015 as a resource for veterans and to bring awareness to the devastating effects of veteran suicide, UWF has grown into a foundation with an objective to give our veterans a new mission. This mission is designed not only to provide veterans with a unique opportunity to become part of a team effort again, but also change the lives of their biggest fans; children.

As a mentor for middle school classrooms in their community, they will become an integral part of the next generations lives, and regain that THING we all had in the military; the opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  

UWF provides hiking opportunities for veterans on some of the most beautiful trails in the country. During these hikes, an educational video podcast is created by the veterans for middle schools across the country. (Geology, History, Sciences, and Math) These podcast are accessed via a dedicated website and viewed by the classrooms. Students become part of the hike with questions for the veterans and the veterans become a motivating and empowering force in the lives of these students.  

UWF also provides resources for veterans and families through a select group of foundations and organizations. UWF helps raise money for these resources so they may continue to provide assistance to our brothers, sisters, and families. 

Submit inquire to; info@unifiedwarrior.org or message on Facebook/intothewildsummitproject